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-More than just manufactures-

In order to satisfy our customer, S Pack established a professional outsource team to integrate cross-strait resources and provide diversified products. According to different brand positioning and budget of each customer, S Pack provide flexible and diverse packaging solution and quotations for specialist partner across China and Taiwan.

The Difference between S Pack and Other Traders
• Excellent experience. Strong ability to debug the subtle problems between assembly and function.
• Cost down. Full-faceted understanding that allows the product designs to meet the cost requirements from the beginning.
• Develop consistency. Allowing us to consider design early in product development. Effective integration of packaging design and secondary processing at different stages.
• Familiar with materials and processes for injection molding, blowing molding, tube, metal, glass, wood, secondary processing, and etc.. From the initial proposal to the subsequent problem solving, we can systematically think and solve.

Packaging Development

S pack is able to provide complete packaging design with uniformed secondary processing because S pack staff has 18 years of experience in packing, outsourcing management, industrial design, mold development, QC and all other related area to make better products. Most importantly, quality control staff will ensure the best quality during manufacturing process and before shipment. Furthermore, S pack has implemented strictly protection step to ensure the design will not be stole or copied by other parties.

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