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“The Link Between Professional and Professional​”
As Internet marketing has facilitated an increasingly shorter product launch cycle, companies that understand the synthesis of formulation with packaging and offer a cross-border integrated service with complete solutions, are proving to be ever more successful in the market.
S Pack is familiar with the filling precautions for airless bottles, the compatibility of materials and formulations, and the cooperation network established in Europe and Asia (especially in Taiwan and China) to create cross-border cooperation.
S Pack's integrated services benefit customers in many ways
•  Development time is effectively shortened
•  Communications are unified and unnecessary procurement is eliminated
•  Product compatibility issues are identified and rectified at an early stage
•  Rapid synchronization capacitates coordination of faster delivery time

S Pack has offered complete packaging solutions since 2013 through its cooperation with the T1 Innovation, Research and Development Laboratory to provide packaging material and formula compatibility testing services in order to enrich its offering for customers.

The rich ion of packaging solutions offered by S Pack, in combination with its ability to connect with OEM's around the world benefits brands by offering multiple products from a variety of production sites for optimal service.

Cardboard is the first step for consumers to know the brand.

S Pack is able to help clients to deal with communication of cardboard design and with experience of manudesign from customers all over the world, we can quickly solve the problem of matching the cardboard and container.
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