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-Your Asian Purchasing Agent-

During the COVID-19 epidemic time, the travel become very difficult.
You need a reliable packaging partner who can communicate with you quickly and is close to Asian manufacturers.

As long as you have an idea, whether it is an alternative to the existing packaging, the mold development of a new packaging , and the integration of a complete set packaging design, we can achieve the budget and launch time you demanded under high quality requirements.
Don't worry about face unprofessional purchasing window and bad purchasing experience in Asia.
We are your best purchasing department.

● Video product introduction​
● Video conference with communication immediately
● Complete set packaging of visual simulation artwork
● International standard inspection specifications
● DDP logistics services

You can communicate directly with the source of Asian packaging supplier, and don't worry about lacking of knowledge of overseas imports.
The focus is on  more competitive purchase prices.

With S Pack you can immediately save the operation capital of the Asian sourcing office and the packaging training of the internal staff.
You only need to concentrate on marketing and brand management.

S Pack is your window to Asia.

Packaging development planning