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Yes, we are the packaging manufacture that knows how to communicate with customers.
and so
Our website is not like “a factory”
Our showroom is not like “a factory”

We are not only packaging manufacturer but also "integrators".
To integrate the core technology of parent company, mold tooling technology, and productive technology plus professional cross-strait satellite factories
Re-focusing on brand design requirements, breaking away from single professional factory, creating a  comprehensive packaging supply chain.

Production Site

S Pack can integrate production resources of cross-strait satellite factories.
through the " core technology of dispensing pump engine".
On this basis, connect a lot of professional high-quality factories.
In addition, through the opportunity of selling dispensing pump, there are also resources in Europe, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, India...

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Unlike traders who only care how much profit.
The integrator is based on the factory's production technology and existing products
According to different budget and quality requirements of customers
Integrate different functional dispensing pump engine, mold development,
outsourcing integration, cross-factory production...with various professional capabilities
To provide the best packaging solution.

The process of developing from dispensing pumps to airless bottles
Through the combination of dispensing pumps and glass bottle factory, understand the professional technology of glass bottle manufacturing process and tolerance.
Through the process of developing airless jars, understand the specialty of Acrylic
cream jar manufacturing process and tolerance.

Product Line